Saturday, November 2, 2013

1144. Follow up on Bichon Frise - Nov 3, 2013

Sunday Nov 3, 2013

This morning, I noted that the Bichon had been housed overnight inside the kitchen. I told him to go to the backyard grass. He went there, raised his left hind leg, not the usual right hind and took around 10 seconds to pee. He was allowed into the kitchen by Dr Daniel.

It is important that this dog has access to the grass as this is the type of area he would pee. Unfortunately he had leaked urine or peed on the kitchen floor again yesterday afternoon when I came back from work at around 2 pm. Yesterday was Saturday and a public holiday, Deepavali (Festival of Lights) and I had worked from 9 am to 2 pm. Dr Daniel had brought the Bichon to the Dog's run in Bishan in the morning from around 10 am to noon. Then he was kept inside the kitchen instead of in the backyard area. So he peed on the kitchen floor.

Dogs with urinary stones do lose control of their bladder and this was the 2nd time this Bichon peed inside the kitchen since the trial for medical dissolution of the urinary stones. I confirmed this with the caregiver who was also feeling sorry for this Bichon who had to be housed in the backyard area with access to the grass. A barrier fencing blocks this Bichon from entering the kitchen but permits him to see inside and so he is not deprived of social sightings.

Medical dissolution of urinary stones needs a lot of patience. Peeing indoors means work for the caregiver. This is additional workload and the best way is to house the dog in the sheltered backyard area as he needs to pee quite frequently, given free water available and the irritation of urinary stones causing the need to pee.

Surgical removal of the stones is much less work.    

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