Saturday, November 2, 2013

1146. Five tattooed Schnauzers on his body

I have known this client whose Schnauzers were once treated by me when they were young. He would send his dog to another vet, a senior vet for some reasons.

He visited me now and then for a chat. He is retired now. He kept saying that a senior vet had lost his mental prowess to diagnose at this old age. I was surprised as my meetings with this senior vet showed he was competent in mind and veterinary skills.

On this visit last week, he showed me 4 large tattoos covering his back and one on his front left chest. The dates of birth and death were also tattooed.  It would be very painful.

"Why did you tattoo the Schnauzers on your body?" I asked.
"I was very upset when they died and I got this idea surfing the internet. I feel much better now that they are with me."

One of them had a nasal discharge and the senior vet referred him to another vet who did surgery. "There is no hope but this vet advised surgery. In the end the dog had to be put to sleep."

"How much did you spend?" I asked.
"Over $3,000," he said. So, this was the episode which triggered his impression that the senior vet was out of touch with his practice of vet medicine and caused him to spend $3000 on an old Schnauzer with no hope of cure.

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