Monday, November 4, 2013

1149. The owner disbelieved that his 12-year-old Silkie had false pregnancy.

Today, Nov 5, 2013, Tuesday, the owner brought  back the Silkie Terrier with multiple breast tumours and a very large and painful armpit breast tumours.

"My dog could not sit on her chest," he said. "That is why I have to bring her to the vet."

The  I saw this dog 3 days ago and prescribed antibiotics. Definitely, this dog had widespread breast tumours and I asked the couple to seriously consider the high anaesthetic risk of surgery to remove so many tumours.

"The dog is old at 12 years and the tumours may have spread to the lungs and internally" I said. "The tumours are likely to recur after you spent so much money operating."

They could not decide. I had given the antibiotic injections and advised 3 days later to do the surgery.

"I went back to Vet 1 to ask whether she had seen the breast tumours during dental scaling 3 months ago," he had stated that the breast tumours were not present at that time and today was disbelieving that the diagnosis of false pregnancy was correct.. "Vet 1 said the large swelling on the left armpit was due to false pregnancy."

"It was possible false pregnancy and breast tumours," I said. "When was the dog on heat?"
"Very long ago."
"False pregnancy occurs 2-3 months after the heat and your dog could be on heat 3 months ago as I can see the vulva swelling now."

I advised spaying first to remove the female hormones and then breast tumour excision 2-4 weeks later.

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