Monday, November 4, 2013

1151. The roboroskvi can't walk properly

Tumours grow and grow, till the roboroskvi can't walk properly.
"Why didn't you get the tumour removed when they were much smaller?" I asked this bank analyst. "The trend is for the tumour to grow larger. Just like in a banking situation. If you analyse the economic situation incorrectly for your client, he may have gone bankrupt!"

"Actually I have brought my hamster to consult a vet much earlier," she said. "But he says they are fatty tumours and to leave them alone! Now she can't walk normally."

It is much safer and cheaper to excise dwarf hamster tumours when they are very small but many Singapore hamster owners wait till the hamster can't function normally before they decide to risk the anaesthesia. Dr Daniel wanted to excise both tumours at the same time. The hamster survived and went home 2 hours later to a happy owner who actually wanted to wait or watch the surgery.

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