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1157. Two cases: Roborovski tumour removal at Toa Payoh Vets video


Two roborovski hamsters with large skin tumours came for surgery recently. Most of my hamster tumour cases are the non-roborovskis and so two in the short period of time was a surprise to me.

I videoed one of the surgeries to share my knowledge of anaesthesia and surgery with the hamster owners and to present at a Myanmar Vet Association Conference in Feb 2, 2014.

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Date:   10 November, 2013  

Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles & rabbits
Case 1. A roborovski can't walk properly.
Case 2. A roborovski carries 10% of his weight on his shoulder    
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   10 November, 2013 
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Case 1. A roborovski can't walk properly.

Tumours grow and grow, till the roborovski can't walk properly. "Why didn't you get the tumour removed when they were much smaller?" I asked this bank analyst. "The trend is for the tumour to grow larger. Just like in a banking situation. If you analyse the economic situation incorrectly for your client, he may have gone bankrupt!"
"Actually I have brought my hamster to consult a vet much earlier," she said. "But he says they are fatty tumours and to leave them alone! Now she can't walk normally."
It is much safer and cheaper to excise dwarf hamster tumours when they are very small but many Singapore hamster owners wait till the hamster can't function normally before they decide to risk the anaesthesia.

Dr Daniel wanted to excise both tumours at the same time. The hamster survived and went home 2 hours later to a happy owner who actually wanted to wait or watch the surgery.
tpvets_logo.jpg (2726 bytes)3894 - 3897.  Two large tumours below the roborovski's chest & abdomen
Case 2. A roborovski carries 10% of his weight on his shoulder    

The young lady has this common perception that any dwarf hamster going under anaesthesia will surely die and so had not wanted the shoulder tumour to be removed by any vet.

The tumour on the right shoulder skin grew bigger and bigger during the past 3 months. She researched the internet and consulted me to get the surgery done for her 2-year-old male roborovski.

HIGH RISKS.  At this old age of 2 years, a state of lethargy and weight loss and carrying an inflamed infected shoulder burden weighing 3 gm, the risk of dying during anaesthesia is very high.

Zoletil 50 of one drop (0.01ml) IM was insufficient but not deadly. Isoflurane 5% + O2 gas was given around 3 seconds once when needed. The tumour was electro-excised, the skin undermined to relieve tension and 5/0 Monosyn of 4 stitches closed the skin. On the previous day, I gave this hamster a drop of oral prednisolone and trimethoprim before the surgery. The hamster went home to a happy young lady.

Not every hamster under such high risk survive operations as they are not fit for anaesthesia. However, this case had a good surgical and anaesthetic outcome. The dwarf hamster was much active and went home the next day.

Hamster owners may need to seek a vet who will operate on their hamster tumours. Much smaller ones are easily removed and much less risky and expensive.

Two more videos need to be added later to complete the series.
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