Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Making social media worth the time and effort

Tassava, Brenda.Firstline6.6 (Jun 2010): 38,40.
Tassava, B. (2010, 06). Making social media worth the time and effort. Firstline, 6, 38-38,40. Retrieved from

Abstract (summary)

Of course, that's only if you remember that you're a guest in your clients' social networks. As a guest, you must observe certain etiquette. Otherwise, you'll drive pet owners away. To stay in friends and followers' good graces, stick to these five social-media codes.
Online networking is more than just a way to market to pet owners. It's also an excellent way to provide better client service and even patient care. So if you haven't started thinking about social media and the direction of your marketing and communications platform, there's no time like the present. Still not convinced? Consider this: Today's teen sends an average of 2,272 text messages each month. You need to be prepared to communicate with this upcoming generation of clients by adapting and laying the groundwork today.

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