Thursday, November 21, 2013

1202. Social media and bovine vet

Social media and vet medicine evolve

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iphone At a Brakke Consulting Inc., veterinary industry roundtable last week at the Kansas City. Mo., office of law firm Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP, Advanstar’s Marnette Falley shared data from 2,600 veterinarians/staff on their use of social media.
While this data encompassed companion-animal practices, the trends are starting to appear on the food-animal side of practices as well. More and more practices are using social media for outreach to clients (i.e. Facebook pages) and even client education (YouTube videos).
Mobile devices
Smartphone use is increasing, with 72% of respondents indicating they used one, and 60% of those are iPhones. Smartphones were used for:
  • 62% used for social media (Facebook/Twitter, etc.)
  • 83% web browsing
  • 91% e-mail
Of those using mobile tablets (49%), 75% of them are using an iPad.
  • 90% media tablets
  • 10% e readers
  • 62% used for social media
When asked about social media platforms, 81.3% said they used one more of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube or Instagram. Reasons given for use of those platforms were:
  • 48% to educate and connect with vet clients
  • 45% to connect with veterinary peers
  • 38% to get veterinary news updates
  • 33% to follow information about veterinary events
  • 15% to follow leaders in the veterinary community
Of the veterinarians and staff who responded, 38% indicated they used social media several times a day. A ranking of usage of different types of social media used was:
  • 67% used Facebook
  • 41% used YouTube
  • 36% indicated Google+, but Falley says this seems artificially high and may be tied more to a person’s gmail account and not actual Google+ usage
  • 34% used Linkedin
  • 17% used Twitter
  • 5% used Pinterist
  • 2% used Instagram
Personal Facebook accounts were used by 28%, and professional (practice participation) use was 8%. Falley said Facebook was the most popular personally and professionally.
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