Monday, November 25, 2013

1212. Video; A dwarf hamster has 3 gigantic chest tumours

Informed Consent is very important in veterinary anaesthesia and surgery. In this case study, the vet advised that there is a very high risk of death from blood loss due to the removal of the gigantic chest tumours, estimated to be around 20% of the 46-g bodyweight of the dwarf hamster. There is no other option but surgery for the owner as the tumours keep growing bigger and bigger.

Video shows history, physical examination and giving informed consent on the anaesthetic and surgical risks.

It is best to get chest tumours excised by your vet when they are very small as the anaesthetic and surgical outcome is usually excellent as there is less stress and loss of blood. The owner was informed that the tumours were inflamed and infected and the hamster would take 7 days of antibiotics prior to the risky surgery. He was told that this medication does NOT make the tumours disappear.

Find an experienced hamster vet as some dog and cat vets do not perform hamster surgeries.

The Be Kind to Pets Veterinary Educational Video:

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