Monday, November 25, 2013

1214. Judgment Day for the Jack Russell - closed pyometra

To operate immediately or to wait one day after IV drips and antibiotics? But the dog's gigantic swollen uterus might have burst the next day and the dog would be dead.

A bright blue sky Sunday of Nov 24, 2013 was the Judgement Day for the Jack Russell.

 Chances of survival are less than 50% as the X-rays showed a "dam about to burst soon". Blood test showed a raging bacterial infection with total white cell count over 46 (3 x normal).

What should the owner do?

Nov 25, 2013 was an unusually busy Sunday but I rushed this dog for X-rays myself and got the blood test done in the morning. X-rays confirmed large swollen uterine horns. Blood tests show a very high total white cell count and neutrophil numbers shot up too, indicating a sevre bacggerial infection..
"Schedule surgery at 4 pm," I said to Dr Daniel when he came for work at 12.30 pm. "The dog is very ill."
"She looks bright to me," Dr Daniel said.
"The dog had been given dextrose, glucose and amino acids IV and so she looks good. She could not lift up her head when she came this morning!"


Dog has gone home 72 hours after surgery. Dog ate some 5 hours after surgery which is a good sign of recovery. Breast tumour is seen.  "Spaying your dog young would have prevented so much stress and expenses," I said to the mother. "Not every sick closed pyometra dog survive surgery!"


The owner came and stitches were removed. Video of stiiches not completely closed.

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