Friday, November 15, 2013

1175. HAMSTER ANAESTHESIA & SURGERY CASES - 2013 Annual conference of Myanmar Veterinary Association - Case 3

Case 3.  April 6, 2013. Inoperable cases. An 18-g leg tumour in a dwarf hamster weighing 77g.

Some massive tumour cases are inoperable and I strongly advise against surgery as there will be too much blood loss, leading to death on the operating table or soon after surgery. In this case, I asked the young couple to take at least a day to consider or spending more time with the hamster till she cannot eat or live a good quality of life. Euthanasia is then done to prevent further suffering. In the case shown below, the owner gave informed consent.

The hamster could not survive the loss of blood after removing the gigantic tumour which weighed 18/77 grams bodyweight, over 20% of the bodyweight. Early surgery would have saved her life and enable her to live longer. However, many owners have this belief that all hamsters will die under anaesthesia and so they procrastinate till the tumours grow large and inoperable.

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