Monday, November 25, 2013

1211. Video: A roborovski has 2 gigantic subcutaneous tumours

A roborovski has 2 gigantic subcutaneous tumours.

Case TP 44770. Neepy the male hamster, 2 years

A "Be Kind To Pets" veterinary educational video teaching vet students how to do a physical examination and take history, receive informed consent to anaesthesia and surgery as well as histology efficicently by Dr Sing Kong Yuen, veterinarian at Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore . 

Establish a good rapport with the new client by asking for relevant details and explaining the high anaesthetic and surgical risks since the tumours are more than one and large, necessitating longer operating time.

The hamster has been operated by Dr Daniel Sing excising two tumours at one go and is fully recovered. Histology of subcutaneous lump 1.5x1.0x0.5 cm shows a benigh tumour - benign spindle cell neoplasm

Zoletil 50 IM 2 drops sufficient analgesia to excise 2 tumours with scalpel blade
Injection IM  1.24 pm (A)   First skin incision  1.26 pm (B)  Skin stitched with 4/0 absorbable 1.33 pm (C).  Time taken between end of stitching and first skin incision   (C-B) = 7 minutes. No need isoflurane gas + O2 top up in this case.

The speedier the surgery, the better the chances of survival for dwarf hamsters

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