Sunday, January 5, 2014

1290. An old cat can't pee after boarding

This was the first time the old cat was boarded for 6 days. A younger cat was boarded. But only the old cat could not pee after boarding. The old cat, around 11 years old had never been boarded.

A blood and urine test showed high white blood cell count and bacteria in the urine respectively.

Dr Daniel unblocked the bladder with the urinary cathether, irrigated the bladder and stitched the catheter for 2 days of hospitalization.
"The cat is meowing whenever I pass by," I said to the happy older couple who visited on Day 2. "He can go home today with medication and special canned food. No more boarding for him!"

As at Jan 6, 2014, some 10 days after treatment, no news from the owner. No news is good news in this situation. Not all cases of FLUTD have happy endings. Early treatment results in better chances of success.  Do not wait for several days if your cat cannot pee.

Video of the cat at Day 2 of hospitalization is at:

The cat is catheterized for 2 days and went home on Day 3 to his familiar environment. No news from the owner so far.

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