Thursday, January 23, 2014

1312. Follow up on Doberman Pinscher from Sin Ming Ave

Jan 23, 2014. 6 pm

I followed up on this intriguing case of the "5-year-old" spayed female Doberman Pinscher pawing her mouth with her front paws 2 days ago (video captured this behaviour). I was much surprised by this unusual behaviour after I tried to open her mouth and the dog fought me off tooth and nail as evident in the video.

Dr Daniel had extracted 5 rotten teeth and did dental scaling yesterday. Antibiotics and painkillers were prescribed.

"How's the dog today?" I phoned at 6 pm.
"She is sleeping when I come back," the elderly gentleman spoke in Cantonese. He asked his father.
"Much more active, running around," the father said.
"A few days ago, the dog could not stand properly, especially on the front legs," the gentleman continued. "That is why I brought her to you for check up." Two days ago, the dog also had pus in both eyes.
"How's the appetite, drinking, peeing and pooping?" I asked.
"Same as before the dental," the father said.
"Any bad breath now?"
"No," the gentleman replied.
The gentleman was most pleased and thanked me profusely.
"As to the dog sleeping now when you come home from work, she is probably tired out."

I gave an antibiotic injection on Day 1 when I was first consulted after seeing the unusual behaviour of pawing of the mouth. The senior citizen owner deduced that the dog had severe tooth ache too and consented to the dental work. On Day 2, in the morning, the dog was OK with me opening the badly infected ulcerated mouth as evident in the video below.

Early dental check up yearly would have prevented such intense pain during older age. This dog could be more than 8 years old.  

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