Thursday, January 9, 2014

The lady who googled "ear abscess terrapin"

Jan 9, 2014

The IT lady sms to me an image of her terrapin with ear abscesses, but I could not download it as my 2nd Samsung phone 9668 6469 which receives calls from my surgery is very basic and has no 3 or 4 G plans. I apologized to her and estimated $150-$200 for the surgery to lance the abscesses.

It is always good to quote upfront to avoid surprises to clients. One Singapore dentist was fined $15,000 for professional misconduct as he told his client that she would be able to claim from insurance the dental implant. This was misrepresentation and she had to pay a lot and so complained to the dental association.

This terrapin seemed to be hyperactive, banging against the container to get out. After the surgery to lance the abscess by Dr Daniel using Zoletil 50 0.01 IM and isoflurane gas. The terrapin behaved calmer after the surgery. The above image showed his ears 4 hours post op.  A video is to be produced.

Nowadays, the young people uses social media a lot esp. google. I asked how she found the Toa Payoh Vets.
"I googled for ear abscess," she said.
"Then you would have seen a lot of dogs and cats with ear abscess?" I said,
"I googled for ear abscess terrapin and there was your video."

I checked google for ear abscess terrapin using chrome and indeed there was a youtube video done by my interns as shown below:

About 114,000 results (0.49 seconds)
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Ear abscesses before operation


Follow up: Sat Jan 11, 2014

"He won't take medicine," the lady phoned me back when I sms her "Is Turtle eating food?". She wanted to bring him to the Surgery so that we can give him medication. It is extremely difficult to medicate terrapins as they don't open their mouths voluntarily.

"Smear the pellets with medication and put the pellets with a small amount of water, separately from the usual tank," I advised since this terrapin ate hungrily.

Another method will be to close his nostrils and he will open his mouth (sometimes). Syringe the medication inside his mouth.

The other concern is that the ear swelling is present though smaller in size. "Are you sure that all the pus had been taken out?" she asked.
"90% of the pus," I replied. "The abscess is quite large and deep. The swelling is due to inflammation of the tissues under the skin. It will disappear with time."
A video of the pus drainage would be useful to show her. 

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