Sunday, February 8, 2015

Referral - The Dachshund took revenge squirted anal sac oil onto the camera

Feb 8, 2015

Referrals are most important to vets but the vet must deliver. The owner of this itchy Dachshund came because of referral from another Dachshund owner that was treated successfully.  Posh was this dachshund's name.

The present dog was itchy all over the body. I was teaching my vet assistant and video-taped the consultation.

The anal sacs were expressed 3 times and the yellowish oil with some white granules were stinking. Rancid vinegar smell of over 5 ml in volume. Quite a lot as evident in the video..

After ear irrigation under a slight sedation of Zoletil 100 ml at 0.2ml IV, I videoed again the anal sac. I videoed the expression of the sac. Suddenly another explosion of yellow anal sac oil squirted out and soiled the camera lens. Fortunately, I had a lens protector. 

I assumed no more anal sac oil but the Dachshund exacted his revenge onto the vet for expressing his glands by shooting out the oil onto the lens and camera! Video footage is the evidence!   

I spoke to Intern Phyllis who told me that vets at a certain clinic routinely use the rectal expression using the fore-finger and asked me whether I do it. "It depends on the breed. In some dogs like the French Bulldog, the anal sac opening are hidden deep inside the anus and the finger expression had to be used.".

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