Friday, September 15, 2017

3138. INTERN. NON-COMPLIANCE. A Siberian Husky licks its tumour till it inflames and bleeds

Sep 15, 2017

Above images and short video clip of tumour close up. Narrate.

Tumours grow bigger every day. Friction with the floor. Traumatised. Inflamed. Infected. Licked.
Bleeding. Soil apartment. What to do now?

This case study shows the dog had licked the itchy tumour till it becomes inflamed red and bleeds, soiling the apartment. The owner had been advised to come for tumour surgery 3 months ago, after antibiotics and anti-inflammatory injections.

"We were too busy," the owner noted that the tumour had shrunkened a bit and was not inflamed in the June treatment. Now, the tumour is red and bleeding. She wanted immediate surgery.

 Title: Not complying with veterinary instructions

"In such cases of infection, the skin wound after the surgery is unlikely to heal," I said. "The nearby skin is inflamed and infected. This results in a large open wound and more expenses." The dog was sent home on antibiotics for 2 weeks before surgery.


Infected tumours need their infection to be treated by antibiotics before surgery. This ensures that the surgical wound after tumour removal will heal well. Otherwise, there will be a large hole which is hard to heal.

This case shows that compliance with veterinary instructions is less expensive than repeat treatments.  


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