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3140. INTERN. Lifestyle of a male stray cat and kidney disease

Sep 14, 2017


Animal shelters will put the stray dog or cat to sleep after a few days
No kill shelters do not put them to sleep. E.g. NANAS, Yangon Golden Heart  (images, videos)

Many younger Singaporeans care for the stray cats. Some will feed them and bring them to the vet when they are sick. Others will get them neutered or spayed and look for them to be adopted. Most of these feeders have no means to provide them a safe sanctuary of the home and so the cat roams freely and suffers the consequences of abuse, infections from fighting and live a shorter life.  

This educational video shows a case study of a free-roaming stray 5-year-old male cat with difficulty in passing urine seen at Toa Payoh Vets.

5-year-old, male cat, not neutered, fed but allowed to stray
Brings to Toa Payoh Vets when the cat is sick. Cat fights.Infected wounds.  

On Sep 14, 2017
Pus inside the urine seen. Dysuria (difficulty in passing urine.) No urethral obstruction.
Catherised under gas anaesthesia, being ferocious. Urine sent for analysis. Bladder irrigated.


X rays - Enlarged kidneys.
Pyelonephritis with pus in the urine catherised. X rays enlarged kidneys. No urinary stones.
blood test. chronic kidney disease. Increased urea, creatinine and low platelet count. No leucocytosis.

urine test.

Slightly turbid yellow urine
pH 8 (5-8)
SG 1.026  (1.005 - 1.030)

Nitrite Negative
Protein 4+  (proteinuria)
Glucose Negative
Ketones 1+
Urobilinogen Normal
Bilirubin Negative
Blood 4+

Bacteria 1+
White blood cells  over 900 (/uL)
Red blood cells over 1800 (/uL)
Epithelial cells 40 (/uL)
Casts, crystals Nil

No owner. One couple feeds him outside the apartment.

Stray cat's lifestyle is freedom to roam.   Not neutered by feeder. Fights. Eye injuries some 8 months ago and treated at Toa Payoh Vets.

Kidney disease affects cats after 5 years of age. Male cats more affected than female cats.   Health screening by blood and urine test will be best to pick up early kidney disease in cats over 5 years.  

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