Monday, September 18, 2017

3143. Blood test for health screening of the dogs older than 5 years. Case study of a bad breath 6-year-old Corgi. Fasting glucose level

The most common panel of screening lab tests for general, overall health status includes:
complete blood count (CBC), that tells us how many red and white blood cells a patient has.

differential, part of the CBC, which shows how many of each different type of white blood cell is present.

chemistry profile (chemistries), which conveys information on the major organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas), blood sugar and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium, phosphorous).

urinalysis, which has a chemical part (ph/acidity, concentration, protein, sugar, etc.) and a microscopic part (bacteria/infection, bladder cells, kidney cells, blood cells, crystals that might contribute to stone formation, etc.)

The above collection of tests is sometimes referred to as a “minimum database,” or the smallest collection of tests that will give us a good overview of a patient’s health. This panel might be requested for screening before anesthesia, or a pet ill with non-specific signs.



Sep 17, 2017

Corgi, F, Not Spayed, 6 years old.

Sep 16, 2017
The owner just wanted a blood test to screen her health.
The dog has bad breath. He did not want dental work.
Blood test -

Glucose (Fasting ) 3.3  (3.9-6.0)
                                      (5.6 - 13.9) Vetsulin level for stable diabetic dog.
Low values for creatine  62   (89-177)
High Hb 21.2  (12-18), ALT  65 (less than 59)

Sep 17, 2017
Owner finally decided on dental as he had to board the dog with his friend. Bad breath was terrible.
Dom + Ket at 50% IV.  (50% of Dom 0.4 and Ket 0.5) quite effective. Isolflurane gas standby.
Only one loose tooth  RU Premolar1.


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