Monday, September 18, 2017

3146. INTERN A 4-week-old kitten has generalised ringworm

Sep 19, 2017

A 2-year-old cat had caesarean section 4 weeks ago. She was clipped before surgery.
Today, the owner came as the dam was shivering yesterday and had skin disease. The kitten was also having extensive skin disease.


Ringworm  is a fungal infection of the top layers of the skin and hair. The kinds of fungi that cause ringworm are called dermatophytes The most common dermatophyte in cats and dogs is called Microsporum canis.

Diagnosing Ringworm

1. Ultraviolet light to screen for ringworm. About half of M. canis cases will "glow" when exposed to its ultraviolet light.

2. Hair from the lesions, which is then examined microscopically.

3. Culture test that grows the ringworm fungus.
A sample from the lesion is placed in a special medium designed to grow ringworm. Needs 2 weeks to know the result.

4-week-old kitten has classic signs of ringworm, face and body as she suckles from the mum.
Dam's belly had ringworm. Contact.
Dam had shivering yesterday. Likely milk fever. Rectal temperature checked. 38.5 deg C, means no fever.

1. Separate kitten from mum now, to prevent milk fever stiffening of legs and muscle tremors due to insufficient blood calcium in the mum's blood.
2. Wean kitten on wet food and milk.
3. Treat ringworm for both for 24 days oral and wash.
4. Disinfect environment

Infected clippers
No ringworm seen under UVL if shampoo used

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